What to Expect

Each of The Cabin’s licensed therapists specializes in particular areas of expertise. Based upon your unique needs and goals, our staff will recommend the therapist we believe can best care for you. Should you or your therapist decide that another counselor might be a better fit, we will happily refer you to someone else within the practice.

Most clients remain in therapy until they’ve met their goals and/or feel they can cope successfully with their difficulties. Individual needs vary, thus therapy may last anywhere from a few weeks to several years, depending on the complexity of the issue(s) addressed. How long therapy lasts is up to you and you are free to discontinue therapy at any time.

While most clients ultimately find counseling to be very helpful, it is very common to experience anger, fear, and frustration during the course of therapy. Your therapist is trained to provide a safe and supportive environment to help you make progress even while you’re experiencing these uncomfortable emotions.

Some issues may never completely resolve or improve, even with therapy. If a therapist feels that no substantial progress is being made or if other factors are interfering with therapy, he or she may elect to discontinue therapy. In such situations, you may be referred to another therapist within our practice or to another counseling center.