Why We’re Unique

At The Cabin, our highly specialized team can help you journey beyond your challenges and live life with greater happiness and fulfillment.

Our therapists will walk beside you to help define different ways to navigate life. And this means meeting you right where you are.

Our inviting, home-like atmosphere eases the natural apprehension you might experience in sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with others. Here you’ll find a place to try out new insight and discover new possibilities to enrich your future.

To help you get acquainted with a counselor before committing to the therapeutic process, our free 30-minute “meet-and-greet” appointment provides you with an opportunity to assess your comfort level with any particular therapist.

Since our beginning, we have pledged to help all those in need of counseling, regardless of their ability to pay the full fee. Generous donations to our Samaritan Fund allow us to maintain this commitment. We are fiercely committed to focusing on you first and the financial bottom line second.

Clients do not need to live in the Indianapolis area. Our therapists are flexible to do Skype/Face Time sessions or phone consults for anyone needed, as long as it is within the state of Indiana.