Eating Disorders

The Cabin offers individual outpatient therapy for people suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally from anorexia and bulimia.

Clients with potential eating disorders are scheduled to receive an initial one-hour assessment with the therapist and a one-hour assessment with a registered dietician.

After these initial assessments, care is coordinated with a local physician.  As appropriate, clients will then continue regular sessions with the counselor and dietician in conjunction with the physician.

Our treatment approach incorporates:

> education on eating disorders and healthy nutrition
> body image counseling
> use of art and music
> cognitive behavioral therapy
> self-esteem counseling
> self-acceptance
> acceptance of and dealing with feelings
> spiritual counseling (if desired)

Liza Baritt, MA, LPC

Sherrie Bloemendaal, MSW, LCSW

Joan Cannon, MA, LMFT


Please contact The Cabin to find out more about Eating Disorder Counseling.